What is Nose Revision Surgery?

Nose revision surgery is called surgery applied to patients who are targeted as a result of rhinoplasty operation and cannot achieve the desired appearance. With this surgery, the errors and deficiencies of the nose surgery are removed in a short time. As with surgical interventions, there were also non-surgical interventions for revision. However, the people who will decide this are the surgeons who will perform the operation. Revision surgery is known as an important savior and regulator for patients who lost their hope. The success rate in this surgery is quite high and with the revision work to be done, it becomes more possible to reach the target nose in the operation. Therefore, patients should not immediately think negatively and it will definitely be in your favor if you leave your concerns aside and entrust yourself to the surgeon.

Is Nose Revision Surgery Difficult?

The main purpose of nose revision surgery is to reshape the missing cartilage tissue and bone tissues. This action is possible with cartilage parts taken from different parts of the body, but it should be noted that this situation may vary depending on the technique to be applied and the surgeon. It is also worth mentioning that it is not a difficult surgery (for patients), but if there is a serious loss of bone structure, the duration of the operation may be much longer than normal. In case of severe loss, the ends of the ribs are generally preferred. Together with the cartilage tissue to be taken from here, the parts necessary for the tip of the nose and the nasal dorsum are provided. Different techniques can be applied in revision surgeries depending on the patient’s condition and the surgeon. However, we can say that this operation is not a difficult operation in general terms. Of course, it is a difficult process for physicians, but the patient does not feel this difficulty in any way and it should be noted that their fears are unfounded.

Circumstances Requiring Nose Revision Surgery

Nose revision surgery is performed to eliminate some problems that cannot be solved after rhinoplasty and also to achieve the desired nose structure. It is applied in cases such as curvature in the nose structure, asymmetry disorder in the nasal tip area, a sharp appearance of the tip of the nose, and the cartilage protrusions becoming apparent. The surgeon will provide the necessary information on this subject and will share the details about the operation process with you.

Additional Parts Used in Revision Operation

One of the additional parts used in this operation is cartilage and it should be noted that it is generally used in simple operations and small interventions. In difficult operations, physicians generally prefer cartilage parts. Problems in the nose structure are largely eliminated by revision surgery. For this, there is no need to worry about the problems that occur after nose aesthetics.

Rib Piece

Cartilage can be removed from the rib in revision surgery, and many surgeons prefer it. Although it is a risky action, the success rate is very high. It is also worth noting that after the operation, which started by cutting the chest wall, there may be a small scar in this area and the incision scars are not uncomfortable. This intervention also has some side effects. Although it is not seen in every patient, pain may occur in the chest area or long-term swelling is among the side effects of the operation.

Piece of Cartilage

We can say that physicians have different preferences to obtain the cartilage part used in revision surgery. The ears are usually the priority and the operation begins with the cartilage to be removed from the ear. A piece of cartilage is obtained by making an incision in front of the ear or optionally at the back. The first thing that comes to people’s mind is the aesthetic disorders that may occur in the ear area. The operations performed show that this possibility is very low. You do not need to have any aesthetic concerns.

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